I had some estate work done by Mr. Cummins, and he certainly knows his way around the legal system. He advised me on several family issues, as well. Without going into great detail, this attorney has an enormous knowledge base, which made me feel comfortable and confident that I had chosen the right one.

Before I hired Mr. Cummins, I shopped around, and some of the law firms I called did not even return my calls. I got a response from Mr. Cummins the same day, and he was quick to return my calls during my case. What annoys me the most about services is waiting for responses. I didn't have that problem here.

As for the cost, very competitive. Attorney services are not cheap, but I felt I got my money's worth and am very satisfied with the work done. I will use their services again should the need arise. I will absolutely recommend Mr. Cummins.

★★★★★ | Dominic C.

1/27/2013 | Concord, CA

This review is for partner Dan Geraldi. I found Dan through Craigslist and met with him for a consultation. Dan is straightforward and generous. He really listened to my concerns and addressed each one. I highly recommend his legal services. Dan's rates are pretty reasonable too!

★★★★★ | J T.

9/14/2008 | Ben-My-Chree, Canada

Mr. Cummins along with Miss Michelle Frazier are absolutely wonderful. Without going into details, we had a years old case that had been an absolute loss for many years. The other party was very hard to deal with and calculative in his method of doing everything not to settle. We were faced with a last minute law suit just as we were leaving the state to return to our primary residence. The absolute most inconvenient time and with a case that could have been easily lost at our absence or inability to appear. Resulting in a loss of thousands of dollars.

Although Mr. Cummins was on a case and could not initially appear, he met with us last minute as we were leaving, ascertained the situation and developed a plan with Miss Frazier to appear in a very short time as the other party requested an accelerated hearing. Due to their diligence in collecting and digesting the background information and their ability to be flexible and work as a team, we actually won at that hearing. At a subsequent hearing Mr. Cummins worked pro-bono on our behalf because of his ethical and moral beliefs to do the right thing and forced the other party to settle ending years of unjust and unfair treatment.

I highly recommend the office of Cummins and Holmes. Their office staff are wonderful. Effie is wonderful, knowledgeable and accessible to answer questions. Lori is very caring, easy to talk too, provides very clear billing. When working with Donal Casey Cummins, we felt as though we were supported by a whole team of people working in our best interest. Mr. Cummins ethics and integrity are impeccable, he is a true officer of the court and he has our respect and confidence.

★★★★★ | James B

Casey has dedicated his legal expertise to securing my entitled inheritance that I have been denied by a relative. He is legally relentless and puts the screws to the opposition in a manner that lets them know he means business. He's very open with discussing an issue to the point of clarity. His staff is very courteous and knowledgeable in their area of administrative endeavor.

★★★★★ | Jerry l

I have worked with dozens of attorneys in my career. Casey Cummins is among the elite---attentive, assertive and understands every detail and implication of each decision--and goes to great pains to make sure it is clear to the client so there are no regrets after the fact.

He deserves every one of the five stars I gave him above.

if you'd like further information you can get my contact info from Casey's office.

-Joseph B

★★★★★ | Joe B

★★★★★ | Rachel L