Why Should a Judge Decide What's Best for Your Family?

3 benefits of working with our mediation lawyers in San Ramon & Contra Costa County, CA

Attending a divorce hearing isn't the only way to determine which spouse should keep the house, divide child custody or pay spousal support. Working with a mediation lawyer serving Contra Costa and Alameda counties. Our attorneys can give you and your spouse freedom to reach decisions on your own and help you avoid the high cost of litigation. Our knowledgeable family attorney at The Law Offices Of Cummins & Holmes can assist you and your spouse during your separation.

You'll not only save time and money by reaching an agreement outside of the courtroom, but you could also...

  1. Keep the discussion open & share ideas between the two of you
  2. Avoid the stress of an expensive, drawn-out divorce litigation.
  3. Agree on child custody, spousal support, and property division terms.

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Make sure to discuss your business interests during your divorce mediation sessions. Attorney Donal Casey Cummins has extensive business and civil litigation experience, so he can keep the conversation civil and solution-oriented.

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