How Divorce Affects Your Business In California

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For many couples in the Tri Valley area, the end of a marriage also results in the end of business associations. Cases can become contentious and quite costly as a husband and wife battle over company and personal assets. In addition to legal help, financial and business expertise is needed as well. Donal Casey Cummins established The Law Office of Cummins & Holmes in 1971 to help California residents and business owners find a resolution to their divorce issues. The founder of our law firm combines over 40 years of experience and a thorough and contemporary knowledge of California business law and especially how a divorce proceeding affects both lives and businesses.

As a community property state, California law states that all assets acquired during the marriage are equally owned by both spouses. That includes a family-owned business operated by one spouse or both husband and wife. These issues are complex and rife with emotion.
In addition to his decades of experience handling all types of divorce cases, Mr. Cummins has also consulted with business owners on formation and transactions. He has also represented them at trial to resolve disputes. Employing both family law and business law perspectives gives him unique insight and knowledge in pursuing the best resolution for his clients