Divorce and Child Custody Attorney In California

Donal Casey Cummins is a divorce attorney possessing over 40 years of experience, including time as a Judge Pro Tem for the Family Law Department of the Contra Costa County Superior Court in California. As the founding partner of The Law Offices of Cummins & Holmes, he has witnessed firsthand the impact of divorce, not only on spouses, but also their children. The decisions made by their parents have significant effects on the children, requiring their attorney to be well versed in custody issues...Mr. Cummins is just that!

Children are often reluctant and unwilling participants in divorce proceedings. They are often considered silent third parties or casualties of marital dissolution, especially when their parents cannot cooperate. However, under certain circumstances, the children are entitled to legal representation.

By focusing on the best interests of their children, parents can shield them from the contentious issues surrounding their divorce. However, many divorce cases involve soon-to-be ex-spouses who are unable to reach any type of accord, particularly on custody issues. A skilled, experienced attorney, such as Mr. Cummins, is an absolute necessity to get a person through this legal jungle.

Prior to a custody hearing, parents must attend a session at Family Court Services where a marriage and family therapist will meet with them to see if custody issues can be resolved. If no agreement is reached, the counselor will recommend to the judge a temporary custody order. From there, financial information will be submitted to enter the first of the child support orders.

As an experienced mediator, Mr. Cummins sees the value of cooperation between couples. Parents have the opportunity to make decisions regarding their children's well-being without turning over that responsibility to a judge. Time and money are saved, and the best interests of the children are preserved.

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