Find Out If You and Your Spouse Qualify for a Marriage Annulment

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A divorce and an annulment free spouses of the legal obligations of a married couple. However, an annulment is reserved for situations where the validity of the marriage is in question. To find out if you and your spouse qualify, contact The Law Offices Of Cummins & Holmes in San Ramon, California.

In general, you might qualify for an annulment if...

  • You were forced to marry your spouse.
  • You or your spouse were under the age of 18 when you got married.
  • You or your spouse were of unsound mind (e.g. intoxicated) when you got married.

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The annulment process can seem confusing, but these FAQ can help you understand it better:

Can a spouse annul the marriage at any time? No. Different statutes of limitations apply depending on the annulment grounds. That's why it's important to speak with an annulment lawyer in San Ramon, CA right away.
What can an annulment lawyer do? In addition to providing insight into your situation, the family law attorney at The Law Offices Of Cummins & Holmes can file your paperwork and attend your hearing with you.
What happens if the court denies your petition? You can petition for a divorce instead. Our divorce attorney can help you make informed decisions before proceeding.

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